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Invalid PGP packet

Posted: 07/05/2007 12:56:13
by Mohammed Mubeen (Standard support level)
Joined: 07/05/2007
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The code I am using is this:
SBPGPKeys.TElPGPKeyring pgpKeys = new SBPGPKeys.TElPGPKeyring();
pgpKeys.Load(_keyringpath + "\\KeyRings\\pubring.pkr", _keyringpath + "\\KeyRings\\secring.skr", true);
SBPGP.TElPGPReader pgpE = new SBPGP.TElPGPReader();
pgpE.OnRequestOutputFile += new SBPGP.TSBPGPRequestOutputFileEvent(pgpE_OnRequestOutputFile);
pgpE.DecryptingKeys = pgpKeys;
pgpE.VerifyingKeys = pgpKeys;
pgpE.Passphrase = <passphrase> ;
pgpE.KeyPassphrase = <passphrase>;
pgpE.OutputFile = _outfile;

I have successfully used our private and public keys and encrypted and then decrypted files successfully. When our vendor send their file I am getting this message on trying to decrypt. What am I missing. I did FTP the file down from their site. Should I be using binary down format?
Posted: 07/05/2007 13:46:33
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

If the file is not armored (i.e. is not ASCII-encoded), then of course you need to use binary mode for FTP transfer. If you used correct mode and you still have problems, use some other tool (PGP Desktop or GnuPG) to attempt to decrypt the file and see the result.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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