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SecureBlackBox PHP extension hangs all PHP process

Posted: 08/20/2015 06:56:09
by Tien Le (Basic support level)
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I installed secureblackbox for php in my local environment (64 bit) as well as in a server (32 bit) and in both case, including sbb.so makes the php hangs. Detail is as follows:

1. I use phpize method:
--- I downloaded the correct version, extracted, located to the proper directory.
--- I ran "phpize"
--- I ran "./configure --with-sbb=/root/secbboxphp/Libraries/Linux32" for 32 bit versions
--- Then, I ran "make"
--- After all is done successfully (without error reported), I try to run test: "make test" --> Everything is hang from here

2. If I continued to run "make install", the process will copy sbb.so to /usr/lib/php/modules/ and I then create a new ini file in "/etc/php.d/sbb.ini" to include "extension=sbb.so" and the license line, then I tried to run "php -v" or "php -m"
---> Everything hangs again.
---> If I remove the sbb.ini from php loading list, all is working

Is there anyone has the same problem please?

Environment: CentOS 6 (64 bits + 32 bits), PHP 5.6, run as FPM and webserver is nginx. However, no php-fpm process is invoked yet.
Posted: 08/20/2015 07:06:56
by Dmytro Bogatskyy (Team)

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