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Mysql local port forward problems

Posted: 06/25/2007 21:00:09
by steve orford (Standard support level)
Joined: 03/07/2007
Posts: 22

Me again. It reached the point in development that I really need to get my local port forwarding working well, and stably.

I'm trying to get an ssh connection up to a mysql server using local port forwarding. I've used the demo app and that works OK, (simple local port forwarding demo). However if I add the TElSSHLocalPortforwarding component to my core application and steal a bit of the demo code as follows, I get no connection, and socket errors:

Using BDS2006 Delphi and Corelabs MyDAC components, also MySQL5

procedure Tsplash.Formshow(Sender: TObject);
if not Forwarding.Active then
Forwarding.Address := 'mysqlserver.com';
Forwarding.Port := 22;
Forwarding.ForwardedPort := 3306;
Forwarding.ForwardedHost := '';
Forwarding.DestHost := '';
Forwarding.DestPort := 3306;
Forwarding.Username := 'user';
Forwarding.Password := 'password';

I set the TMyConnection server to, port 3306.

Am I doing anything stupid here?

Posted: 06/25/2007 22:28:17
by steve orford (Standard support level)
Joined: 03/07/2007
Posts: 22

Fixed, the servers firewall had been changed which was screwing everything up.



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