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Windows Certificate Storage - no certificates found

Posted: 04/30/2015 10:16:15
by Leonardo Herrera (Standard support level)
Joined: 02/14/2011
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I have an application that access the Windows certificate storage and it works everywhere, except in this particular customer computer.

He has a Windows 8 laptop, with a "starter" version of Windows.

He has a certificate installed in the personal category. Chrome and other browsers can see it, but my application can't. When iterating for all the certificates in the storage, I just don't get it (same application and same certificate in a different computer works just as expected. In fact, I have this application installed in over 100 computers but this particular computer is the only one where it doesn't work.)

My question is very simple: what should I verify in this computer to see possible causes for this behaviour? I cannot debug my application there, so I'm just looking for ideas on what to check.
Posted: 04/30/2015 10:51:02
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Hi Leonardo,

It is likely that the certificate in question is installed in the 'Local Machine' branch of the Personal system store. The branch to be accessed is controlled via the AccessType property of the TElWinCertStorage component.

The other possible reason is that your application explicitly targets 32 bit systems and the certificates is only available for 64 bit processes (or vice versa). This can happen if the certificate was installed improperly or is stored on a hardware device which only provides a 64 bit (or, conversely, 32 bit) copy of the driver.

If changing AccessType doesn't help, could you please ask your customer about any particular details about the certificate - in particular, whether it is stored in the system or on an external hardware token and whether it is visible in the MMC.




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