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My application doesn't recognize sha256 rsa through PKCS#11 interface

Posted: 03/16/2015 03:18:55
by Paolo Righi (Standard support level)
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Dear support,

I built an application with ElPKCS11CertStorage from SecureBlackBox 7.2 to sign/encrypt files with certificates from a smartcard.
I'm using a Bit4Id Card Reader and a PKCS#11 DLL interface taken from the CNS API 2 (Siemens) package.
My application can list the SHA1 certificate, but not the SHA256 one.
It seems that the PKCS#11 DLL interface doesn't recognize SHA256 RSA certificates.
Do you think my assumption is right? Is SecureBlackBox 7.2 able to sign with SHA256 RSA certificates? Where can I found a suitable PKCS#11 interface DLL?
Maybe the SecureBlackbox_PKCS11Proxy.dll is a valid solution, where can I download it?
Thank you in advance for your time.

Paolo Righi
C. H. Ostfeld s.a.s.
Posted: 03/16/2015 03:22:53
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

PKCS#11 drivers are DLLs provided by the hardware vendor. SecureBlackbox_PKCS11Proxy.dll is a proxy, it's not a PKCS11 driver.

You need to check version 12 of SecureBlackbox first - version 7 is quite old and it's possible that SHA2 in PKCS11 is not supported there.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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