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Details A3 certificate

Posted: 06/18/2014 16:33:39
by Petruccio Montezuma (Standard support level)
Joined: 10/31/2013
Posts: 8

Dear good night!

I am using the following components:

CertStorage, WinCertStorage, Document and PublicKeyHandler

Delphi, unable to get the following information as the token screen attached

Serial Number: 32 30 31 31 ....

Container name: 16a2fbc3-3790-45....

Modulus.......: 93e4116b1d6670...

In delphi managed to get the following data below with example

procedure TF_PCMSO_0142_AD.AssinandoDocumentoPDF;
   TempPath   : string;
   Success    : boolean;
   F          : TFileStream;
   Index      : integer;
   Sig        : TElPDFSignature;
   Cert       : TElX509Certificate;

        ShowMessage('Pais: '                + Cert.SubjectName.Country          + CHR(13) +
                    'Estado: '              + Cert.SubjectName.StateOrProvince  + CHR(13) +
                    'Localidade: '          + Cert.SubjectName.Locality         + CHR(13) +
                    'Organização: '         + Cert.SubjectName.Organization     + CHR(13) +
                    'Organização Unidade: ' + Cert.SubjectName.OrganizationUnit + CHR(13) +
                    'CommonName: '          + Cert.SubjectName.CommonName       + CHR(13) +
                    'EMail: '               + Cert.SubjectName.EMailAddress     + CHR(13) +
                    'Cert.Signature: '      + Cert.Signature                    + CHR(13) +
                    'Cert.SerialNumber: '   + Cert.SerialNumber                 + CHR(13) +
                    'Cert.FriendlyName: '   + Cert.FriendlyName                 + CHR(13) +
                    'Cert.IssuerUniqueID: ' + Cert.IssuerUniqueID               + CHR(13) +
                    'Cert.StorageName: '    + Cert.StorageName                  + CHR(13)

How can I get this information?

Posted: 06/19/2014 01:16:33
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

ContainerName is specific to Windows certificate store, not a property of the certificate.

Serial Number is available via SerialNumber property. Note, that SerialNumber is a long binary value, not a string. If you want to convert it to string, do this the way you like (various applications format serial numbers in different ways). One of options is to use SBEncoding.Base64EncodeArray() function and then format the resulting string.

Modulus - probably it's a modulus of the public key. You can access the key using TElX509Certificate.KeyMaterial property. You need to cast it to TElRSAKeyMaterial, then read its PublicModulus property:

Modulus := TElRSAKeyMaterial(TElX509Certificate.KeyMaterial).PublicModulus;

Note, that you need to check the type of the object referenced by TElX509Certificate.KeyMaterial property before typecasting - in case you have a DSA certificate (which is possible though rare) there's no PublicModulus there, as DSA is a different algorithm.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 06/30/2014 09:39:13
by Petruccio Montezuma (Standard support level)
Joined: 10/31/2013
Posts: 8

Dear Eugene, you would have an example in Delphi? Unable to resolve as you explained.
Posted: 06/30/2014 09:51:01
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

I have described what properties you need to read. I don't understand what else I can offer you.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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