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Error RequestAttributes function TElSimpleSFTPClient

Posted: 02/21/2014 16:33:55
by Stalin Vinces (Standard support level)
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I'm having some kind of troubles with this function. In development I've tried this function with the same code and there haven't been any trouble. But In production enviroment there was.

The trouble was in the part when I try to retrieve the size of the file the error is "no such file" but the file is in the directory. I have looked in the forums and I think it could be the version of SFTP. Or what might be?

I appreciate your answers and your help.

The code is:

       lv_SftpClient.RequestAttributes("/" & dirPath & "/" & filename, True, lv_AtributosArchivo)
       size = lv_AtributosArchivo.Size

  Catch ex As Exception
     Throw New Exception("Error getting the file's info: " & dirPath & "/" & farch & ". Msg:" & ex.Message)
   End Try
Posted: 02/21/2014 17:32:30
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

1) Did you try opening or downloading the file with given path?
2) The problem can be in the server (some servers are buggy) and
3) you can also try to turn off all SFTP versions and try each version (3,4,5,6) one by one. It can happen that the server has problems only in some particular version.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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