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FTPS client for Windows Phone version. Abort opertation?

Posted: 07/13/2013 06:39:53
by Ray Adams (Basic support level)
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I am thinking of buying package with FTP client for Windows Phone. I have downloaded and tested it and found that this is useless for me. Your components doesn't use any async operations.

Is it possible to implement at least two features:
1. Download file which returns network Stream object, not downloaded file! So I can implemented saving it to local file with ability to cancel operation at any time.
2. Same for uploading file. Let say UploadStream returns Network stream and application by itself save chunks if bytes into stream with of course ability to just cancel operation.
Posted: 07/14/2013 03:04:31
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Hello Ray,

Thank you for contacting us.

Async operations are implemented in extension assemblies. In your particular case, please reference the SecureBlackbox.FTPS.Async.dll from your project to get access to UploadStreamAsync() method.

There is also OnProgress event available allowing you to track progress of a transfer operation and cancel it at any time.



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