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SFTP component not connected

Posted: 04/18/2013 03:49:03
by wee siong (Basic support level)
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I am using licensed SecureBlackbox 5 to access the SFTP(Bitvise SSH Server), but I got this error (because I doesn't add in any versions on the code):
SFTP component not connected

After add in the code as below, it is working well.
c.Versions = SBSftpCommon.Unit.sbSFTP3 | SBSftpCommon.Unit.sbSFTP4;

Or try force the SFTP Server Limit to SFTP Version 3 it work well without adding the above code.

My question is, from your latest sample code, I found value for Versions always set as 28 (I have tested and it working well connect to SFTP Server)
c.Versions = ((short)(28));

But from your document:
look like doesn't have this value.

Any advise?

Posted: 04/18/2013 04:00:10
by Vsevolod Ievgiienko (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

28 is a result of bitwise OR of version constants: sbSFTP2 | sbSFTP3 | sbSFTP4 == 28. This means that one of these versions will be used according to server settings.

BTW, if you have a license, please assign the license ticket to your user account. The ticket itself and the procedure of it's use are specified in the registration e-mail that was sent to you upon license purchase.



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