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Standalone time stamp for PDF

Posted: 04/17/2013 03:35:22
by David ErÅ¡il (Standard support level)
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I would like to know, whether it is possible to add a standalone time stamp to a PDF document using SBB (for Windows Store application). I would like to use a remote TSA service (via https) and get a document with just a time stamp (not a timestamped signature - please see the attached document for better understanding [change it's extension to pdf]) as a result - so that Adobe Acrobat will say "Signature is a document timestamp signature" instead of "The signature includes an embedded timestamp".

All samples and functions I have came across require a signing certificate, but we only have a TSA server's public certificate.

If this is possible to achieve, I would be glad if you could point me to the classes and functions (or process) I have to use.

Thank you very much.

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Posted: 04/17/2013 04:08:31
by Dmytro Bogatskyy (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

Your document contains PAdES document timestamp.
To create PAdES document timestamp you would need to use TElPDFAdvancedPublicKeySecurityHandler and set PAdESSignatureType to pastDocumentTimestamp, please see:
Then you need to set TSPClient property. But, you don't need to set CertStorage property, it will be ignored in this case.



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