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Public key confusion

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Posted: 12/09/2009 12:27:57
by Ami Goldi (Basic support level)
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Using RSA, you can encrypt with the private key, which can then only be decrypted with the public key (or private key).

However, the encryption is actually done in reverse, and it's called "Signing" instead of encrypting. Decrypting the signed data with the public key is called "Verifying".

Unfortunately, ElRSAPublicKeyCrypto does not support this functionality. Instead, you can only do "Detached" signing and "Verifying". Lookup ElRSAPublicKeyCrypto.SignDetached and ElRSAPublicKeyCrypto.VerifyDetached for more information..

You can still decrypt (verify) data using the public key in SB, but you'll have to use SBRSA.Decrypt, which is a lower level function.

Here's an example:

  myOutLength = 0;
  SBRSA.Decrypt(@myInputBuffer[1], myInputLength,
    @myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicModulus[0], Length(myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicModulus),
    @myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicExponent[0], Length(myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicExponent),
    nil, myOutLength);
  SetLength(myOutputBuffer, myOutLength);
  if SBRSA.Decrypt(@myInputBuffer[1], myInputLength,
    @myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicModulus[0], Length(myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicModulus),
    @myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicExponent[0], Length(myElRSAKeyMaterial.PublicExponent),
    @myOutputBuffer[1], myOutLength) then
    SetLength(myOutputBuffer, myOutLength);

On the server side, to encrypt (sign) the data using the private key, try PHP's openssl_private_encrypt().



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