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Close connection with specific error code and reason

Posted: 01/15/2013 12:05:32
by Rodney Snell (Standard support level)
Joined: 01/15/2013
Posts: 2

My company has developed an SSH Server using your product. It allows for the configuration of different authentication domains on the server side. When product has been configured to use an external Windows AD domain for authentication, we would like to send some specific error information in response to the "OnAuthPassword" event when the AD domain is not available (eg. our process fails to make a connection to the AD domain). It seems the only information we can set is the "ref bool accept" and "ref bool ForceChangePassword".

Is there any way to set a specific ssh error code to be returned to the client as the result if it's connection attempt?

There is also a custom client application that we have developed, which would be able to receive the error information and respond accordingly.
Posted: 01/15/2013 13:54:56
by Ken Ivanov (Team)


SSH authentication protocol doesn't support reporting of comments during the authentication process. Not sure if it is appropriate in your circumstances, but you might wish to consider passing error details with the disconnect packet (you will need to pass them to the server's Close() method in this case).
Posted: 01/15/2013 17:01:41
by Rodney Snell (Standard support level)
Joined: 01/15/2013
Posts: 2

That works out just fine. I wasn't aware of that overload for the SSHServer.Close() method, as it didn't appear in the version of the help file that I was looking at.




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