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Recieve (S)POP3 Message and get/save Mailtext only

Posted: 01/10/2013 04:54:11
by Anton Kufer (Standard support level)
Joined: 12/18/2012
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We're still new to using SecureBlackbox and it's POP3 features. Yet we did the POP3 calls by now using indy.

I'm still having trouble getting the plain mailbody/text from an email.

var t_POP3: TElPOP3Client;
    t_Message: TELMessage;




The message should contain data in an XML structure send by our webclient. I've send me a test mailmessage via mail.lv.

The Mailcount is correct, size shows some different sizes, atleast it shows something:

          t_Size := t_POP3.GetMessageSize(t_Index);

But the "ShowMessage(t_WideString);" just delivers an empty string, so it seems the gettext function does not work? I guess it's just a matter of an option to set or something?

As said i don't care about anything else from the mail, i just need to get the plain XML content of the mailtext/body.

Can you help me?
Posted: 01/10/2013 05:03:05
by Vsevolod Ievgiienko (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

Please refer to \EldoS\SecureBlackbox.VCL\Samples\Delphi\MIMEBlackbox\Viewer sample. It shows how to get content of messages in different formats.



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