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Https connection (TElHTTPSClient ) on WinRT

Posted: 10/24/2012 06:29:36
by Rajen Kishna (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/12/2012
Posts: 20

We are trying to establish a connection toward an https url on WinRT.
In the following example we try (for test purpose) to fire an https request to the Microsoft.com web site:

TElHTTPSClient https = new TElHTTPSClient();
https.OnCertificateValidate += new TSBCertificateValidateEvent(https_OnCertificateValidate);
Debug.WriteLine("About to GET to ms.com");
int httpResponseCode = https.Get("https://www.microsoft.com/");

We keep receiving a SBSimpleSSL.EElSimpleSSLClientError, dumping the exception it says:

Connection error 96259 (error code is 96259).

The same code works on Windows Phone.
The only difference we can see is that we are importing a different version of the sbb library.
On both projects the DLLs imported are:


Could you please help us in understanding the underlying reason?

Thanks in advance.
Posted: 10/24/2012 06:47:42
by Ken Ivanov (Team)


Thank you for contacting us.

I can confirm that the problem does exist and we are working heavily to resolve it as soon as possible. I believe that we will be able to release a fixing product update within about a week.
Posted: 10/30/2012 07:51:04
by Rajen Kishna (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/12/2012
Posts: 20

Hi Innokentiy,

I just noticed 10.0.227 was released, but it seems this problem persists in that version as well. Can you please confirm that this is the case and perhaps inform us when a fix for this particular issue is expected?

Posted: 10/30/2012 08:04:27
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Hello Rajen,

Unfortunately, the WinRT issue has not been solved yet, as we depend on availability of a fix for a compiler issue on this matter. We are really sorry about the delay and hope to publish the fix within a week.



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