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SSH simple terminal connection to Avaya media gateway

Posted: 06/12/2012 11:05:45
by Ken Ivanov (Team)


Thank you for the details.

First, if you are running the sample of Unicode-capable version of Delphi, please ensure that the SB_UNICODE_VCL conditional is set in the projects settings.

Next, please try to play with Tunnel.RequestTerminal property. Please try setting it to both True and False and check if it changes anything.

Finally, we strongly recommend that you use TElSimpleSSHClient instead of TElSSHClient + tunnels, unless you have serious reasons to use lower-level SSH controls. TElSimpleSSHClient provides exactly the same protocol capabilities as TElSSHClient does, yet it encapsulates automatic handling of various compatibility issues and is much easier to use in the majority of circumstances.
Posted: 06/13/2012 04:47:12
by Christophe Peretti (Standard support level)
Joined: 06/06/2012
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Dear Sir

thanks you for your message and help

i have restarted totaly from scratch

i'm using Embarcadero delphi 10 quality insight software

in my form i have putting :

some edit and memo component

under open SSH connection button


ElSimpleSSHClient1.Address := E_SSHHost.Text;
ElSimpleSSHClient1.Port := StrToINt(E_SSHPort.Text);
ElSimpleSSHClient1.Username := E_SSHLogin.Text;
ElSimpleSSHClient1.Password := E_SSHPassword.Text;
ElSimpleSSHClient1.AutoAdjustCiphers := True;
ElSimpleSSHClient1.KeyStorage := ElSSHMemoryKeyStorage1;
ElSimpleSSHClient1.Versions := [];
ElSimpleSSHClient1.Versions := ElSimpleSSHClient1.Versions + [sbSSH2];

With configuration the SSH connection works fine Thanks

after that i have created a button to retreive data from SSH

first possibility (like i saw in example :

ElSimpleSSHClient1.ReceiveData(@S[1], BufSize, @ES[1], StdErrSize);

--> but this procedure show funny caracters

Second possibility


--> in this case i see correct characters !!

Questions :

1/ what is the difference between ReceiveText and ReceiveData ?

2/ may i ask you to provide me if a event exists when we have received
some caracteres un buffer ?

in demo we uses a timer and i wish to use a other solution

Thanks in advance and best regards




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