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TElSSHClient and TElSFTPClient

Posted: 04/19/2012 14:59:00
by Andy Gardner (SUPPORT DISABLED)
Joined: 02/17/2012
Posts: 51

Is is possible to create a TElSFTPClient connection from a TElSftpClient after the client has been opened?
Posted: 04/19/2012 16:42:53
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

I hope I understood your question right ;). Yes, it is possible.

Technically, opening an SFTP tunnel on-the-fly doesn't differ too much from the way you do that 'statically' during SSH negotiation. That is, (1) you create TElSFTPClient and TElSubsystemSSHTunnel objects and bind the latter to the former. Next, (2) you add the tunnel object to the tunnel list. Finally - and that's the only difference from the 'static' approach - (3) you call the tunnel's Open() method. The SFTP tunnel should be opened now.
Posted: 04/20/2012 06:40:29
by Andy Gardner (SUPPORT DISABLED)
Joined: 02/17/2012
Posts: 51

Yes, I think you have understood my question correctly. My confusion came form the description of the the ElSftpClient class. The instructions on the use of the class place calling ElSSHClient.Open last, so I wasn't sure whether it could be done before.

Are there any examples of how to do this? The SophisticatedSSHClient and the SophisticatedSFTPClient open the SSH connection and the tunnels at the same time.

Thank you,

Posted: 04/20/2012 07:38:14
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

There are no such examples, sorry. Still, you can extend the SophisticatedSFTPClient sample by yourselves according to the steps I've described above. Namely, you should comment out the assignment of the tunnel list object to the sftpTunnel.TunnelList property inside the Init() method, and perform this assignment later in the method that will be attaching the SFTP channel to the existing SSH connection (e.g. 'OpenSFTPChannel()'). This method will also have to call the subsystem tunnel's Open() method.
Posted: 05/11/2012 07:23:34
by Andy Gardner (SUPPORT DISABLED)
Joined: 02/17/2012
Posts: 51

When opening a tunnel with an existing open SSH client, who is responsible for closing and disposing of the tunnel and tunnel connection? Will that be handled the the SSH client when tunnel closes, or do I need handle that?



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