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Error while listing content of bucket in AWS demo

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Posted: 06/21/2011 09:47:39
by Stephane Grobety (Priority Standard support level)
Joined: 04/18/2006
Posts: 170


I registered for the Amazon Web Services, created a bucket in S3, created a user, gave it rights and updated the demo with my access keys. I also fixed the definition of HandleStorageProgress to match TSBDataStorageProgressEvent.

When trying to obtain a list of objects within the bucket, I got the followign error message:

Debugger Exception Notification
Project AWSS3DSDemo.exe raised exception class EXMLDOMSyntax with message 'XML parse error at position 479 (0x1DF): you can't use "<?xml" here'. Process stopped. Use Step or Run to continue.

I'm using SBB 9.0.202 on Delphi6 enterprise.
Posted: 06/21/2011 09:57:07
by Stephane Grobety (Priority Standard support level)
Joined: 04/18/2006
Posts: 170

After further testing, this happen if the document is not publicly available.
Posted: 06/21/2011 10:00:51
by Ken Ivanov (EldoS Corp.)

Thank you for contacting us.

Please remove the awsoptDetailedList option from the Options flag set to prevent the component from requesting additional details about the objects. This should help overcome the problem.



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