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Signing multiple PDF

Posted: 05/24/2011 03:59:19
by Mariusz Rowinski (Basic support level)
Joined: 02/17/2011
Posts: 8

I'm using SBB VCL version.
I need to sign multiple invoices in PDF format using single certificate residing on usb device. Certificate showns also in Windows Cert Storage in group 'My'.
I started writing application using TElWinCertStorage and based on examples but there is one problem: application displays "enter PIN" every time when called TElPDFDocument.Close(true) after signing. I want to once enter PIN and sign few docs.

I seen there is PKCS#11 version components and i can use TElPKCS11SessionInfo, TElPKCS11CertStorage... but i want to avoid distribute dll to every possible usb device.
It is possible to cache/auto enter pin in CryptoAPI interface?
How to locate storage dll-s in PKCS#11 mode installed/registered in Windows OS?
Posted: 05/24/2011 04:10:17
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Are you re-using the same storage and certificate objects from document to document (correct way), or you are creating a brand new TElWinCertStorage for every other document being signed?

If the same TElX509Certificate is used throughout the loop, the problem might be caused by the driver of the token. PKCS#11 will be the only solution if this is the case.
Posted: 05/24/2011 05:41:59
by Mariusz Rowinski (Basic support level)
Joined: 02/17/2011
Posts: 8

I reused only TElX509Certificate from TElWinCertStorage but when I copy cert from TElWinCertStorage to TElMemoryCertStorage and reuse whole TElMemoryCertStorage to sign every document in loop then only once asking for PIN.

You have great components and greatest support I ever seen ;)
Posted: 05/24/2011 05:57:09
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Great, thank you for letting us know.



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