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Problem with SaveToDNString encoding

Posted: 04/04/2011 14:03:48
by Grazyna Polomska (Basic support level)
Joined: 02/07/2011
Posts: 9

Dear Sirs,

I've tried to get information about subject. When I use in Delphi 2009:
s := Cert.SubjectName.CommonName
where Cert: TElX509Certificate; s : String;
I receive properly encoded string - Grażyna Połomska

Unfortunaltely, when I try to receive full information using:
s := Cert.SubjectRDN.SaveToDNString;
I receive this:
/CN=Grażyna PoÅ'#$82'omska/G=Grażyna Danuta/S=PoÅ'#$82'omska/SN=PESEL:78010217622 NIP:2220745298/C=PL

What I should do to receive properly encoded string like:
CN=Grażyna Połomska G=Grażyna Danuta S=Połomska SN=PESEL:78010217622 NIP:2220745298 C=PL

In attachment you can find certificate which I've used to get that information. Please, help.

[ Download ]
Posted: 04/05/2011 01:44:30
by Vsevolod Ievgiienko (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

There is a small bug with non-ansi characters in SaveToDNString function. This problem will be fixed in next SBB build.
Posted: 04/05/2011 01:59:11
by Grazyna Polomska (Basic support level)
Joined: 02/07/2011
Posts: 9

Thank you for this information.
Posted: 04/05/2011 02:15:45
by Vsevolod Ievgiienko (Team)

We can provide you with a fixed source code before the next SBB build.

If you have a license, please assign the license ticket to your user account before we continue. The ticket itself and the procedure of it's use are specified in the registration e-mail that was sent to you upon license purchase.



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