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smartcard PIN dialog

Posted: 01/01/2011 08:55:58
by Popeye  (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/22/2010
Posts: 10


I'm signing a few xml documents with a certificate that has private key in a smartcard.
When signing first xml document, show PIN dialog.
But signing second xml document does not show PIN dialog.

Is there a way show PIN dialog everytime without restart the program ?

Posted: 01/01/2011 09:18:38
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

In most of the cases it's token driver who is responsible for PIN caching. Do you use TElWinCertStorage or TElPKCS11CertStorage to access the signing certificate?
Posted: 01/01/2011 11:30:39
by Popeye  (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/22/2010
Posts: 10

I'm using TElWinCertStorage. My code is a copy of SimpleSigner project in samples folder.
Posted: 01/01/2011 11:53:00
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Then please try to create new TElWinCertStorage object for every single signing operation. This might help (though there's no guarantee though, as PIN requesting is controlled by the token driver).
Posted: 01/01/2011 14:57:37
by Popeye  (Basic support level)
Joined: 10/22/2010
Posts: 10

i tried to create new TElWinCertStorage object but it didn't work.

thanks for your help
Posted: 01/02/2011 02:51:57
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Then this can only be controlled on driver level. Please check whether firmware of your token allows to adjust this option. Some vendors do allow user to enable/disable PIN caching.

BTW, are you destroying TElWinCertStorage object after signing (by calling Destroy() or Dispose() methods)? You must dispose of the storage object, as well as all other references to the signing certificate to close all the key handles.



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