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License key issue

Posted: 11/11/2010 22:27:35
by Hu Wang (Basic support level)
Joined: 11/11/2010
Posts: 2

Hello everyone.

This is my first issue with SecureBlackbox.

I have a valid license key for SecureBlackbox ver7.
I use the SimpleSFTPClient sample project for Visual Basic 6.

I used my license key to replace the trial license key in the sample.
LicenseManager.SetLicenseKey ("7C19...2EC3")

I tried to download a file. I got License Key has not been set error message, when the code in the sample VB6 application "Call SftpClient.DownloadFile(currentDir & "/" & info.Name, CommonDialog.FileName)" was run.

What should I do?

By the way, does anyone have sample codes for Powerbuilder?

Best Regards,
Posted: 11/12/2010 05:20:48
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please bind the license ticket you received in the registration letter to your site account so that we could identify you as a customer and check the key?
Posted: 11/12/2010 09:26:26
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

1) This key is not a valid key for anything.

2) Forum is not the place to publish your confidential key. This is violation of the license and doing this automatically discards your license.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 11/12/2010 09:49:47
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

ok ... Please assign the license ticket to your user account as described in the registration e-mail and then continue in HelpDesk ticket. In helpdesk we will see your real key and will be able to help you then.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 11/12/2010 14:43:23
by Hu Wang (Basic support level)
Joined: 11/11/2010
Posts: 2

Hi Eugene,

The license key above is copied from the trial license key. it is not my purchased key. Sorry about the this. I just discovered that the computer has recently install version 8 trial version. I have uninstalled the ver8 and reinstalled ver7 back, but the that error message was still there.

A separate issue:
How do I get file size from the remote file? From the help document for VB6, I can use "GetSize(LowPart As Long, HighPart As Long)" for the purpose. I am new to the programming, can you tell me what the LowPart and HighPart value should be?

Best Regards,
Posted: 11/15/2010 04:49:37
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Regarding the license key, unfortunately, we cannot help you without identifying you as a customer (as this will let us know your license key and check it). Please assign the license ticket you received in the registration letter to your web site account.

Regarding the GetSize() question, VB6 does not have built-in 64 bit integer types. As file sizes are usually represented with 64 bit values, we had to represent them as two 32 bit ones (lower 32 bit part and higher 32 bit part of 64 bit value). That is, FileSize = (HighPart << 32) | LowPart, where "<<" is a left shift operator, and "|" is bit-wise OR operator.



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