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WebService client; SOAP ;Indy or RemObjects

Posted: 11/05/2010 05:05:13
by Pedro Salgado (Standard support level)
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Hi everybody ,
I’m trying to developer a WebService Client with ws-security in Delphi2010; I have to sign the SOAP message with a X509x3 certificate, besides to include wsa ( web services addressing ) headers , timestamp and SSL ( server<-> client mutual autentication ).
I’ve seeing the XmlBlackBox Eldos components are perfect , but the forums show

"Unfortunately HTTPRio was designed in such a way that doesn't allow any intervention. I.e. if you use the component, you are bound to WinInet and windows certificate management."

"ThttpRio is not supported due to it's bad design. We recommend using RemObjects for SOAP activities."
It seems HTTPRIO and XmlBlackBox are not very good friends.
I've also seeing some documents how to implement SOAP for Indy.

What Eldos components do would I need ?

Can I do it for Indy's ?

Do you have any samples for Indy and RemObjects for doing this ?

Thanks for your time.

Best regards.
Posted: 11/05/2010 06:27:06
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer your question completely. SecureBlackbox components will do the following for you:
1) sign SOAP messages with X.509 certificates and timestamp them if needed (XMLBlackbox package),
2) send SOAP requests and get responses from web services through secure HTTPS channel, either with or without peer authentication (SSLBlackbox package).

SecureBlackbox includes add-ons for third-party libraries (Indy and RemObjects). The add-ons extend the original libraries with SSL/TLS support along with other SBB functionality (system or PKCS#11 certificates access, for instance).

Please contact developers of Indy and RemObjects components to find out whether their components will do the SOAP part of the job for you (our add-ons will only do the SSL-related part).



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