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Zip Strong Encryption with Certificate

Posted: 09/15/2010 03:44:49
by Paolo Righi (Standard support level)
Joined: 02/15/2008
Posts: 34


I'm using VCL SecureBlackBox 7.2 and I've seen that encryption with certificate is supported only in Zip archive extraction.
I'm wondering why Zip certificate encryption is not supported in compression in ZipBlackBox.
Maybe it is legally forbidden or you have already planned to implement it in a future version.
Are there any hard difficulties to implement it?

Best Regards.

Paolo Righi.
C.H. Ostfeld s.a.s.
Posted: 09/15/2010 03:52:57
by Mykola Olshevsky (Basic support level)
Joined: 07/07/2005
Posts: 442

Hi. Yes, this is a limitation set by PKWare.
There are no any difficulties to implement it.



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