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ActiveX pre-rel 19 Sept 2006 - certificate integrity failure

Posted: 09/24/2006 11:03:30
by Eric Twose (Basic support level)
Joined: 09/06/2006
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Thanks for fixing the serial number in the activeX/DLL pre-release package dated 19 September 2006.

In Windows 98 and XP, viewing the root CA certificate now gives: "The integrity of this certificate cannot be guaranteed. The certificate may be corrupted or has been tampered with" (irrespective of whether I set a serial number of not).

On the "certification path" tabbed page, the certficate status reads: "This certficate has an invalid (W98) / nonvalid (XP) digital signature.

I didn't get these errors in the previous releases.

Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks again,
Posted: 09/24/2006 12:34:32
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Which SecureBlackbox build number have you used before installing the 5.0.98 update? If it was 4.4.94 (i.e., the last SecureBlackbox 4 build), you should also change the registration key that you pass to the ElSBLicenseManagerX.SetLicenseKey() method (V4 and V5 registration keys are not compatible).

If you do not have a registration key for SecureBlackbox 5, please create the ticket in our helpdesk system (providing your registration information), and we will generate an appropriate V5 key for you.
Posted: 09/25/2006 11:00:58
by Eric Twose (Basic support level)
Joined: 09/06/2006
Posts: 5

Sorry, don't know the precise build of the previous version I used. File properties shows v4.4, last modified 24 August 2006.

Current BaseBBox.dll and PKIBBox.dll are both v5.0.0.98 and both have been registered on my machine.

Ah, yes, as you say: LicenseKey.der was modified on 15 August 2006.

Posted: 09/25/2006 11:09:11
by Eric Twose (Basic support level)
Joined: 09/06/2006
Posts: 5

Sorry, as you say, I was using a v4 registration key string.

Best wishes,



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