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PDFBlackbox: Which certificate type is recommended?

Posted: 07/13/2010 09:22:38
by direct  (Standard support level)
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I want to digitally sign PDF documents using PDFBlackbox.
Basically, this works with your sample certificate cert.pfx.

But I don't know When to use which type of certificate.
Since the X509 Certificate object has different methods to load certificates from stream,
- LoadFromStreamPFX(),
- LoadFromStreamPEM(),
- LoadFromStreamSPC(),
the questions is in which case what type of certificate is recommended for PDF signing.

To describe the use case: Our customer is a company with several branches. In this branches, end-customers sign contracts digitally using signature pads, so each contract is are available as PDF.
These PDF documents shall be digitally signed with PDFBlackbox.

Perhaps someone could help here.

Posted: 07/13/2010 09:40:40
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

DER, PEM, PFX, SPC, etc are just different formats of storing the same X.509 certificate. Each format is either capable of storing private keys together with certificates, or it isn't. This is the main reason for choosing one or another format for a particular task.

That is, DER and SPC do not support storing private keys, while PFX and PEM do (PEM and PFX can also store certificates without private keys). A good practice is storing public certificates in DER or PEM format, and certificates with corresponding private keys in PFX or PEM format.



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