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License key has not been set

Posted: 05/26/2010 21:11:23
by Scott Ramey (Basic support level)
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The documentation describing product Activation refers to examples in a "Samples" folder, which was not part of my installation. I am using Microsoft Visual Foxpro 9 which doesn't have a problem working with ActiveX components. FWIW, the little I am able to do seems to behave as expected except I can't get far enough to really do anything because I receive the following error:

"OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from PGPBBox8.ElPGPWriterX: License key has not been set.."

With regards to the license manager I do the following:
oBBoxLiscMgr  = CREATEOBJECT("pgpbbox8.ElPGPLicenseManagerX")
oBBoxLiscMgr.SetLicenseKey ( "LicenseKey.der")

and receive the error when I try the following:
oBBoxWriter.EncryptFile ("PlainText.txt","EncryptedText.pgp")

I'm stumped :(
Posted: 05/27/2010 02:18:10
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

In version 8 samples are stored in user Documents folder (not in installation folder) and they are accessible via Start Menu-> Programs-> EldoS -> SecureBlackbox.AX -> Samples link. I guess you'll find the answer to all of your questions there. As far as I know you need to pass the key to two objects (for Base objects and for PGP), but I am not a developer. Please see the samples for the answer.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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