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TElSecureServerSocket and PassThrough

Posted: 03/15/2010 23:17:55
by Fabian Ramirez (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/15/2010
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Hi everyone,
I need to have SSL and plain non SSL connections on the same server port, depending on the IP address of the client connecting to the socket.

I'm using TElSecureServerSocket component in Delphi 2007.

Actually I cannot either to have a non SSL connection with this component. I'm using the PassThrough property of this component.
The simplest case I'm trying is just set PassThrough to True on the droped component on the Form. The connection event works fine, but the OnClientRead Event never triggers.

The complex case I want at the end, is to have one TElSecureServerSocket component to open one server port. When the client connects based on the IP get this particular connection to SSL level.

Have somebody ever used TElSecureServerSocket and PassThrough ?? Any help will be great!

Attached Sample project. Just run it, telnet to port 1917 and write anything , OnClientRead event never trigered.

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