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About signing an XML

Posted: 02/23/2010 15:53:22
by Michael van Heusden (Standard support level)
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Bogatskyy wrote:
I think you have a problem with whitespace characters (especially with CRLF), because you are using TStringStream (it may reconvert a file using system default encoding).
Please, also ensure that you load a document (before signing) with XMLDocument.LoadFromStream(Stream, '', True), the third parameter enables normalization of newline characters (removes CR character), because most of webservices ignore CR character on canonicalization or canonicalize it incorrectly.
Then obtain a string value using OuterXML property.

That did the trick! That third parameter about the carriege returns.
The webservice does now accept my signature, and says it is valid :)

Thank you for pointing out the mistake! Now the upcoming deadline is safe ;)



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