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Access denied error while uploading a file.

Posted: 08/13/2009 17:30:23
by OCI OCI (Standard support level)
Joined: 08/13/2009
Posts: 8

I am trying to upload a file using Send method of TElSimpleFTPSClient class. while it is uploading the file I have removed the networkcable and the Send method thrown Exception and we are handling. But the file partially get uploaded to FTPS server and if i try to upload the file again it is saying "Access Denied" and I am not able to delete the file as well using FileZilla. it is giving same error.

Can you please tell me where is the problem?
Posted: 08/14/2009 01:04:03
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

I assume that the issue is caused by a badly-written server who does not close the server-side file handle when the connection is dropped.
Posted: 08/20/2009 12:31:45
by OCI OCI (Standard support level)
Joined: 08/13/2009
Posts: 8

It seems you are right it is problem with the server.
Thank you.



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