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About "ElPDFSignatureWidgetProps.Locked"

Posted: 05/07/2009 15:56:27
by Gerald So (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/07/2009
Posts: 7

I read the help file of SecureBlavkbox, it said under the ElPDFSignatureWidgetProps.Locked tag:"If this property value is True signature widget can't be moved by the user. ", I tried to set it to false but still get an "unmoveable" result.

What's wrong?
Posted: 05/08/2009 07:16:17
by Dmytro Bogatskyy (Team)

In fact, the Locked flag is an Annotation Flag and doesn't have desired effect for the signatures. Adobe always set this flag.
We'll update the documentation to clarify this.



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