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[Suggestion]: Know if PDF is PDF/SigQ level A

Posted: 04/22/2009 10:34:51
by Santiago CastaƱo (Standard support level)
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I don't know if this is already available or not, but can't find it. I think that it could be a new feature if TElPDFDocument can tell us if the loaded PDF is compatible with PDF/SigQ level A as a boolean property.

With this property, if the document isn't a PDF/SigQ A we can warn the user before signing it to match some strict Protection Profiles here at Spain.

Posted: 04/23/2009 03:38:09
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any SigQ-related standard in the internet. As far as I understand, SigQ defines certain restrictions for the documents to be signed, such as absense of dynamic content. However, we need a specification for better understanding of what exactly needs to be done.



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