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Posted: 03/17/2009 14:30:41
by E Rolnicki (Standard support level)
Joined: 03/17/2009
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looking over the forums I noticed the statement
"Do not use TElPGPPublicKey.LoadFromXXX() methods. All the keys should be loaded using TElPGPKeyring.Load() method. "

The only problem with this is there is no clean way to assign the passphrase for a SecretKey (I need to assign the passphrase programmatically)...

Why are we not supposed to use .LoadFromXXX methods?
Posted: 03/18/2009 00:41:00
by Ken Ivanov (EldoS Corp.)

A passphrase should be assigned to TElPGPSecretKey object right before the secret key is assumed to be used (e.g., right before the signing operation). There's no need in assigning the passphrase on the key loading stage.

LoadFromXXX() methods assume that the key is passed in standard-compliant OpenPGP format. However, many of existing implementations violate the standard and write extra information to key files. It results in impossibility for LoadFromXXX() to handle such key files correctly. TElPGPKeyring.Load() is prepared for such situations and will load all the keys correctly independently of the bugs of the software that created the key file.



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