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ElSimpleSftpClient demo application connection lost (error code 0)

Posted: 03/16/2009 19:54:34
by Roger Rong (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/16/2009
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While trying the ElSimpleSftpClient demo application included in the trial download, I got the following message:

Conneciton failed due to exception: Connection lost (error code is 0).

What I did was using the user/password (without the key file) to connect to a sftp server. Using the same user/password with the WinSCP application, I could connect to the server and download files successfully.

Can anyone point out the reason why connection failed.

Thanks in advance.

Posted: 03/16/2009 23:42:46
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

First, please try to set the TElSimpleSFTPClient.AutoAdjustCiphers property to true and check if it helps. If it does not, please following the instructions described here.



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