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Multiple PIN entering for crypto card

Posted: 02/18/2009 08:45:00
by Szymon Piskula (Basic support level)
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I woud like refer to [URL=http://eldos.com/forum/read.php?FID=7&TID=771&MID=4085&phrase_id=358185#message4085]this topic[/URL] to part
With ElWinCertStorage your code accesses CryptoAPI. SmartCard drivers provide so-called CSPs to CryptoAPI. The CSPs ask for the pin themselves and usually cache the pin for application session lifetime so that the the user doesn't need to enter the pin multiple times. As said, this is specific to the driver.

When does the application session start when using ElWinCertStorage ? Could you please point it on the example of TinySigner? How would look the process of signing multiple PDF's with only one pin entrance, providing that the driver allows caching of pin for the session?

Posted: 02/18/2009 09:10:34
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Szymon Piskula wrote:
When does the application session start when using ElWinCertStorage ?

It's different for every token. Some token drivers might ask the pin when the user accesses the token itself, others will ask for it when the protected information (the private key) is accessed. Also pin entry is beyond your control (in case of CryptoAPI). So the rest of your questions are just not applicable. If you want to control PIN entry, you need to use PKCS#11 interface instead of CryptoAPI.

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Eugene Mayevski



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