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Charset Problem?!

Posted: 11/04/2008 14:51:27
by Dmytro Bogatskyy (Team)

But I still have that problem with the size of the resulting pdf.. can you give me a tip of how can I supress some chars from the unicode font "FreeSerif.ttf" you ship in the sample?

You need to use external utility to suppress glyphs like ttf_edit or FontForge. SecureBlackbox can't parse TrueType fonts.

Another question is about the "FreeSerif.ctg" and "FreeSerif.w" files... what are they? I've tried to get another Unicode font.. with few gliphs.. and found one with "only" 4xx.. but I don't have the "ctg" and "w" files for those...

Those files are created with ttf2pt1 utility.
If you check the latest samples, there are also used "ufm" files created by ttf2ufm utility. I think it is a little bit easier in use. To create ufm file you need to call: "ttf2ufm.exe -a -F FreeSerif.ttf".
The sample shows how to parse ufm file and set metrics for TrueType Font. (The main point of this that you need to extract metrics for TrueType font somehow.)



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