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Uploading a big file

Posted: 07/29/2008 03:50:10
by Jens Weber (Standard support level)
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I am trying to upload a big file (2GB), but the tranfer is cancelled just 20MB before succeeding.
The error code is 96258.
I am using the TElSimpleSFTPClient.UploadFile method to do the upload. The server is VShell 2.6.0 on Windows. SBB version is 5.2.124.

Any idea why this happens?

Thanks in advance,

Posted: 07/29/2008 07:27:58
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

First of all, we suggest you to upgrade to SBB6 and check if the problem does occur with it. There've been certain compatibility improvements since 5.2.124, so 6.0 might fix the issue.

Please also bind the license ticket to your account in order to get the appropriate support level.



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