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Secure FTP and Passive Mode

Posted: 07/24/2008 15:13:24
by Robert Warthen (Standard support level)
Joined: 07/11/2008
Posts: 5

When I connect to one particular server using CuteFTP, I need to turn off Passive Mode to allow it to log in. However, I don't have this option with the Secure FTP (SFTP) Black Box implementation. How can I turn off passive mode in Secure FTP?
Posted: 07/25/2008 00:42:10
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

SFTP is not Secure FTP! SFTP is not FTP at all. And SFTP doesn't have anything similar to passive mode.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 07/25/2008 09:37:44
by Robert Warthen (Standard support level)
Joined: 07/11/2008
Posts: 5

EDIT: Hold on this question, now I'm hearing that they might not have run CuteFTP on the server and the port might be blocked.
Sorry about the terminology. This is the SSH/SFTP part of the product.

Here is the initialization code I am using:

sftp.ASCIIMode = false;
sftp.AuthAttempts = 1;
sftp.AuthenticationTypes = 20;
sftp.AutoAdjustCiphers = false;
sftp.AutoAdjustTransferBlock = true;
sftp.CertAuthMode = SBSSHClient.TSBSSHCertAuthMode.camAuto;
sftp.ClientHostname = "";
sftp.ClientUsername = "";
sftp.CompressionLevel = 6;
sftp.ForceCompression = false;
sftp.KeyStorage = null;
sftp.NewLineConvention = null;
sftp.Password = "";
sftp.SFTPExt = null;
sftp.SoftwareName = "EldoS.SSHBlackbox.6";
sftp.SftpBufferSize = 131072;
sftp.UseInternalSocket = true;
sftp.Username = "";
sftp.Versions = ((short)(28));
sftp.OnKeyValidate += new SBSSHCommon.TSSHKeyValidateEvent(this.SftpClient_OnKeyValidate);
sftp.OnAuthenticationSuccess += new SBUtils.TNotifyEvent(this.SftpClient_OnAuthenticationSuccess);
sftp.OnCloseConnection += new SBSSHCommon.TSSHCloseConnectionEvent(this.SftpClient_OnCloseConnection);
sftp.OnError += new SBSSHCommon.TSSHErrorEvent(this.SftpClient_OnError);
sftp.MessageLoop += new SBSftpCommon.TSBSftpMessageLoopEvent(this.SftpClient_MessageLoop);
sftp.OnAuthenticationFailed += new SBSSHCommon.TSSHAuthenticationFailedEvent(this.SftpClient_OnAuthenticationFailed);
sftp.AuthenticationTypes = sftp.AuthenticationTypes & ~(SBSSHConstants.Unit.SSH_AUTH_TYPE_PUBLICKEY);

KeyStorage = new TElSSHMemoryKeyStorage();
sftp.KeyStorage = KeyStorage;

I then set the address, port number (9922 in this case) user name and password somewhere else.

It looks like the passive mode was just by chance with CuteFTP. I am able to get on through CuteFTP in any case.

I get a 10061 error message when I try to open up. Any ideas?
Posted: 07/25/2008 10:54:52
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

We suggest you to use SimpleSFTPDemo to check server accessibility. SimpleSFTPDemo was checked with a number of servers and proved to work with them, so it is an easy way to check if the issue is related to your code or to some problems on remote server.



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