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SFTP server implementation question

Posted: 07/15/2008 10:28:25
by Kevbo  (Basic support level)
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We would like to implement a SFTP server in our existing .NET service. Here is a short overview of our current architechure:

We use a "tunneling" method of offering VNC, RDP etc services to our clients. In the RDP scenario:
1. Service receives RDP "event".
2. Service make TCP connection to our server.
3. Service makes TCP connection to RDP service on localmachine.
4. Tunnel data between RDP service and connection to server.
5. Our server does a similar thing with the connecting client.

Using your SFTP components I would like to do a similar thing except I would prefer to not have the component setup to listen on port which I connect to (like we do for RDP) but rather handle it directly. In other words can I after step 2 above "tell" the component to start talking SFTP on the TCP connection I have made to out server? Our server will obviusly have a SFTP client connected. Also can I turn all the security off as its already over a SSL connection?

Thank you



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