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Does ElClientSSLSocket has to connect by it self?

Posted: 05/28/2008 22:15:33
by Nature  (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/28/2008
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i need to write an ssl client that takes a connected socket and communicate with server. however, i found that ElClientSSLSocket has to make the connection by it self, if i would just use the connected socket (i.e. ElClientSSLSocket.Socket = theGivenSocket), the program cannot communicate with the server as the ElClientSSLSocket is not connected (rises an Invalid operation exception saying that the connection is not opened). And i cant call ElClientSSLSocket.connect() as the socket has already established a connection to the same port.

does ElClientSSLSocket has to establish the connection by it self or is there any work arounds or did i do anything wrong?

Thank you very much
Posted: 05/29/2008 00:35:50
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

Please consider using low-level TElSecureClient class. It is not restricted by some particular transport; all the data exchange between TElSecureClient and the transport layer is performed via the OnSend and OnReceive events. Please see Samples\C#\SSLBlackbox\Client\SSLClientDemo for the details.

There's now way to attach the existing connected socket to ElClientSSLSocket.



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