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Cryptographic Message Syntax Standar ---PKCS7

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Posted: 05/16/2008 02:07:35
by  xu cong
How is it Certificate Change into Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard(Base64 form )?
Posted: 05/16/2008 02:21:54
by Ken Ivanov (EldoS Corp.)

Sorry, I do not understand your question. If I am guessing it right, the certificate can be saved to alternative formats using various SaveToStreamXXX methods (where XXX is PEM, PFX and SPC).
Posted: 05/16/2008 05:37:40
by  xu cong
I am sorry, have not clearly expressed the question.
I'm using SaveToBufferSPC methods.But return result is binary format.
I want return Base64 format.
Posted: 05/16/2008 09:24:42
by Ken Ivanov (EldoS Corp.)

Please use SBPEM.Encode() method to encode binary PKCS7 to Base64-encoded PKCS7.
Posted: 05/21/2008 02:46:27
by  xu cong
This is my using SaveToBufferSPC methods. But the result does not have Root_CA.cer information.Is my operation method wrong?
            TElX509Certificate TELX509 = new TElX509Certificate();
            TElCustomCertStorage Cert = null;
            byte[] pkcs7;

            FileStream CAstream = File.OpenRead(Server.MapPath("CA/Root_CA.cer"));
            FileStream readStream = File.OpenRead(Server.MapPath("certificate/certificate.cer"));

            TELX509.LoadFromStreamPEM(readStream, "", 0);
            TELX509.SaveToBufferSPC(out pkcs7);
Posted: 05/21/2008 02:57:31
by Ken Ivanov (EldoS Corp.)

Please use TElMemoryCertStorage.SaveToBufferPKCS7() method to save more than one certificate to the same PKCS7 file. I.e., the code should look like the following:

// loading certificates
TElMemoryCertStorage storage = new TElMemoryCertStorage();
TELX509.LoadFromStream­PEM(readStream, "", 0);
// saving storage to buffer
byte[] pkcs7 = null;
int size = 0;
storage.SaveToBufferPKCS7(ref pkcs7, ref size);
pkcs7 = new byte[size];
storage.SaveToBufferPKCS7(ref pkcs7, ref size);
pkcs7 = SBUtils.Unit.CloneBuffer(pkcs7, 0, size);
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