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Run() for ElSFTPSSHSubsystemHandler with Delayed

Posted: 05/02/2008 08:59:46
by TJ Kolev (Standard support level)
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From the documentation on constructor ElSFTPSSHSubsystemHandler(ElSSHTunnelConnection Connection, bool Delayed);

"Both constructor variants create new handler but Create runs it at once but when you use CreateDelayed or in .NET Delayed = True, you have to call Run method to run the handler."

I do set Delayed to true, but I don't call Run(). Code still works. I guess I've copied the code from your SSHServer sample. Here's the line that constructs it in SFTPSession.cs

19 m_thread = new TElSSHSubsystemThread(new TElSFTPSSHSubsystemHandler(conn, true), conn, true);

There's no call to the Run() method. Is there supposed to be one? Or is the documentation incorrect?

Thank you.
tjk :)
Posted: 05/02/2008 11:12:20
by Ken Ivanov (Team)

TElSSHSubsystemThread automatically runs the passed handler, even though it has been created with Delayed parameter set to true.



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