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Problem with Encoding SSH

Posted: 04/24/2008 04:23:10
by Walter Cafasso (Standard support level)
Joined: 03/06/2008
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Hi to all,
I've developed a application that use Protocol SSH with VB.Net.
The code that I use is following:

Dim SSHClient as New TElSSHClient
Dim SSHTunnel as New TElShellSSHTunnel
Dim SSHTerminalInfo As New SBSSHTerm.TElTerminalInfo
SSHTerminalInfo.TerminalType = "VT100"
SSHTunnelList = New TElSSHTunnelList
SSHTunnel.TunnelList = SSHTunnelList
SSHTunnel.TerminalInfo = SSHTerminalInfo
SSHClient.TunnelList = SSHTunnelList
KeyStorage = New TElSSHMemoryKeyStorage
SSHClient.KeyStorage = KeyStorage

When I Try to connect to an Host I receive this response for example:

Welcome to ICCM board
History managment activated (ESC+h for Help)

but this not is correct format,i don't want the character 
Any Help is welcome.
Best Regards
Posted: 04/24/2008 05:35:22
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

SecureBlackbox doesn't perform any character / encoding translation. It's your job to do any needed translation.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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