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Driver could not be started

Posted: 03/03/2015 20:24:09
by clement (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/03/2015
Posts: 9

Product: CallbackProcess
Project: sample ProcessManager (VS2013)
System: Windows XP (SP3)

The message "Driver is stopped" was showed on dialog When I launched the sample "Process Manager". After that, I tried to start the driver from command line "sc start cbproc". The result showed that service failed to start. The error message is "[SC] StartService FAILED 127".
Posted: 03/04/2015 02:41:37
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Thank you for contacting us.

First of all, have you *installed* the driver beforehand? The driver is installed using Install method. This call is present in the sample.

Second, the driver can not be started via the service manager. After the driver is installed, StartFilter() method of CallbackProcess class is used to start filtering. This call is present in the sample.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 03/04/2015 03:52:30
by clement (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/03/2015
Posts: 9

I have successfully installed the driver.

The value of variables are shown below:

buffer --> "Driver is stopped, version -"

g_DriverRunning --> FALSE

rebootRequired --> FALSE
Posted: 03/04/2015 05:14:29
by Volodymyr Zinin (Team)

Please run Event Viewer (eventvwr.exe) and look in the folders "System" and "Application". There should be some log records about the problem.

Posted: 03/04/2015 19:48:28
by clement (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/03/2015
Posts: 9

The error message was found in "System" floder.
service can't be started.

127 (0x7F)
The specified procedure could not be found.
Posted: 03/04/2015 22:09:24
by clement (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/03/2015
Posts: 9

The problem that the driver can't be started may due to the fact that Windows XP doesn't support the function PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutineEx. Maybe you can check it out.

The driver can be stopped via the service manager on Windows 7 x64
C:\>sc query cbproc

WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 0 (0x0)
Posted: 03/04/2015 23:52:39
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Hmm, looks like we all have overlooked the fact that you have Windows XP.

CallbackProcess doesn't work on WinXP and this is mentioned on the specification page.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 03/05/2015 22:20:10
by clement (Basic support level)
Joined: 03/03/2015
Posts: 9

It's a shame. Your excellent product CallbackFilter has been the most important 3rd-party in our product. We have already deployed in large numbers of our customer's computers which are still running on Windows XP until now. At this time, we are looking for a security solution to prevent process from being killed and your CallbackProcess is the best choice. So, I'm wondering if there are any possible ways to support Windows XP and 2003 server.

Posted: 03/09/2015 14:56:01
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

The functions that are missing are the cornerstone of CallbackFilter functionality so they can not be replaced and we can't make a version for WinXP. All in all this version of Windows has been unsupported by Microsoft for quite some time already.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski



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