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Excluding multiple processes in AddFilterCallbackRule

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Posted: 05/05/2015 13:53:42
by tbx (Basic support level)
Joined: 05/05/2015
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Is there a way to exclude multiple processes for a given rule using AddFilterCallbackRule?

For example, I want to add a rule to receive callbacks for C:\Users\test\*.* for every process except process1.exe, process2.exe, process3.exe.

I have tried adding multiple rules using AddFilterCallbackRule():


... but this does not work. I receive callbacks for all 3 processes.
Posted: 05/06/2015 03:03:32
by Vladimir Cherniga (EldoS Corp.)

Unfortunately, there is only one process name may be associated with unique filter mask value. This is a limitation of current version. Alternatively, You may use GetOriginatorProcess... user mode api to control filter callbacks execution.



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