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Unable to share folder with virtual files.

Posted: 02/05/2015 08:52:59
by Stelios Mavridis (Basic support level)
Joined: 01/09/2015
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In my application i am trying to share a Folder with virtual files.
I am sharing C:\DocShare as \\Server\\DocShare.

Locally (through C:\DocShare) everything works as expected.

If i try to access \\Server\\DocShare however i get two behaviors depending on whether DocShare contains files or not:

  • With files, i get a "The server can not perform this operation" error.
  • When the folder is empty i can enter the folder, i can even create a file but when i refresh again i get the same error as above.

Following a previous recommendation i used the Process Monitor to see what happens.
The issue seem to start from a QuerryDirectory that results in a Invalid Network Response.

As QuerryDirectory seems to use the EnumerateDirCB i tried with and without my own implementation by the problem persisted.

I cant think of what the problem is, so any suggestions are appreciated.


I took screen-shots of both cases (with and w/o a file).
This is the link to the screen-shots:




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