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Too slow to open a file using AddReparseFileNameRule

Posted: 01/22/2015 03:18:20
by jglee (Basic support level)
Joined: 04/01/2014
Posts: 13

I called AddReparseFileNameRule( L"c:\\work\\*" , L"*_", "ProductName").

Then, file opening is too slow. It takes about 10 seconds. The file is 10 bytes in size. Additionally the type of ReparseMask does not affect the speed.

Tools: Windows 7
Visual Studio 2012 C++
CallbackFilter 3.1.81
Posted: 01/22/2015 03:38:01
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

jglee wrote:
I called AddReparseFileNameRule( L"c:\\work\\*" , L"*_", "ProductName").

Is it assumed that both - source and target file placed in the same directory ?
In that case recursive reparse cause that delay in opening.



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