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How to understand the functioning of this callbackfilter demo app

Posted: 01/07/2014 01:05:06
by Sumit Arora (Basic support level)
Joined: 01/07/2014
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Dear Eldos Team,

I tried to compile the and run the CBFilter .sln available in ..\CF\Samples\CPP\BaseFilter.

Scenario : I tried to see the functioning of this driver, by running its sample program. and then tried to observe the calls of callback

e.g. how this driver reacts when I open the file,how it return the event and that captured by the callback, but nothing happened as I expected, seems I am missing the flow.

Steps I performed :

[1]. Added the key to :

char * sRegKey = "5E6D...D148";

[2]. Compiled the CBFilter on debug mode (Also added the break point to various appropriate callbacks e.g. void CbFltOpenFileN(

void CbFltCloseFileC(

void CbFltCloseFileN(

[3]. On running the CBFilter demo app,It open a window from there I installed the 32 bit driver, that "Driver installed successfully".

[4]. Then I added *.doc or *.ppt or D: many things on the mask category and inserted breakpoints e.g.

void CbFltOpenFileN(

void CbFltCloseFileC(

void CbFltCloseFileN(

But nothing happens

May you please let me know the exact flow to understand the functioning of this demo application,which in turn reflect the capablity of this CBfilter driver ?

e.g. As soon I open a file (from D Drive or all MS Word file) it should notify the call back, to do this I tried above steps but it didn't work.

(I also referred the given documentation, but that didn't work :-()

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Posted: 01/07/2014 04:24:10
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

Hello !
Use please the FileMon sample, that is more descriptive in showing the work of CallbackFilter. This sample provides a runtime log about most of callbacks with a details about each file system operation. With a BaseFilter sample you can only set a breakpoint in a code to catch the selected event, or extend manually a sample to be able to save or visualize a file system log.



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