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The EncryptWithHeader example does not work properly

Posted: 04/17/2013 14:04:43
by Babak Yaghoobi (Basic support level)
Joined: 04/17/2013
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I've downloaded the latest version of the CallBackFilter from site with eval key, (
I compiled and run VCL\EncryptWithHeader sample with Delphi XE3 Update 2 on Windows 8 Enterprise x64.

But this sample does not work properly.

When I copy the text file to a filtered folder and then i copy this file to the none filtered folder, and then i open it with notepad i see the file stay encrypted.

or even after the copy text file to the filtered folder and open it with notepad the most of the time i see a encrypted context.

Best regrads
Posted: 04/17/2013 14:55:32
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

thank you for the report about the issue. Could you test it again with a FlushFileOnOpen property set TRUE. The problem you've described may reference to the stale data from system cache, when you open file with a filter detached. If the problem persist, please provide a more detail instruction, how to reproduce the problem.
Posted: 04/17/2013 15:45:21
by Babak Yaghoobi (Basic support level)
Joined: 04/17/2013
Posts: 2

Hi Vladimir Cherniga

Thnank you for your reply.

I test it with FlushFileOnOpen := true; and it work perfect, thank you again.

Best Regards



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