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Issue On Adding CallbackRule

Posted: 11/30/2010 00:27:39
by Jijesh KV (Basic support level)
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I am Facing an issue on Sharing files

I have a vc++ MFC application uses callbackfileter
In that I have used the
AddFilterCallbackRule( lpszRule, (CallbackFilter::CbFltCallbackFlags)(
CallbackFilter::ReadCallback |
CallbackFilter::WriteCallback |
CallbackFilter::CreateCallback |
CallbackFilter::RenameCallback |
CallbackFilter::OpenCallback |
CallbackFilter::CloseCallback |
And Issue in the following scenario:-
There are two machines connected over network.
Machine1 has callbackfilter driver and my application
and Machine2 dont have both.

I have shared a folder consisting of some files which are monitored by the Callbackfilterdriver
when I tries to access this files in the shared folder in machine1, from machine2, (I have tried to copy some files in the shared folder and paste it on machine2)
then the explorer.exe becomes not responding and filecopying is not occured.

But it is found working when I excluded the Callback Flags CallbackFilter::CreateCallback, CallbackFilter::OpenCallback

But I need those flags to be added for certain purposes.
Including any of the above flags in the AddFilterCallbackRule causes the issue.
Can u please give the feedback for this solution?
Posted: 11/30/2010 02:56:22
by Eugene Mayevski (Team)

Please assign the license ticket to your user account before we continue. The ticket itself and the procedure of it's use are specified in the registration e-mail that was sent to you upon license purchase.

Sincerely yours
Eugene Mayevski
Posted: 11/30/2010 07:48:48
by Vladimir Cherniga (Team)

Please specify what actions did you use in Open/Create callbacks, and you operation system version.



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