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Please fix set/ delete filter button bug in samples

Posted: 06/23/2009 06:00:15
by Phil Nash (Standard support level)
Joined: 05/18/2009
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Most, if not all, the samples have a rather annoying bug, which is easy to remedy, but I'd rather it was done once in your samples, rather than having to reapply it ourselves every time.

The problem is that, once you have attached a filter, you can't detach it.
The cause is that the filter status is being determined by testing the mFilter.Active property (in .Net - or equivalent in others), rather than the mFilter.FilterPresent property.

This occurs in a few places, for example in UpdateButtons() we have:

buttonSetFilter.Enabled = !mFilter.Active;
buttonDeleteFilter.Enabled = mFilter.Active;

but this should be:

buttonSetFilter.Enabled = !mFilter.FilterPresent;
buttonDeleteFilter.Enabled = mFilter.FilterPresent;

Often, if we stop the appliction without detaching the filter it bluescreens, and we tend to use the samples as starting points a lot when trying to reproduce issues in isolation. As a result this bug is quite frustrating.

Thanks and regards,

Phil Nash



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